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Books, CDs & Tapes by Jan Hauenstein

Books, CDs & Tapes by Jan Hauenstein

Reiki Thru the Chakras
Experience a tranquil, healing experience with a guided Self-Healing experience accompanied by the healing sound of crystal chakra bowls
Yoga Thru the Chakras
An energizing, relaxing, restorative guided yoga practice accompanied by the healing sounds of crystal chakra bowls & led by Jan
Yoga Nidra
In this CD you will be guided thru a Yoga Nidra. . . (Yoga Sleep) where you remain awake & alert, but relaxed & guided thru intention.

CD's are available now. For $10 + $2 for S&H
Contact Jan for more information


Click hear to enjoy track one
"An Introduction to Yoga thru the Chakras"


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